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Wizzmo Skimmer Plug & Ice Guard

Wizzmo Skimmer Plug & Ice Guard


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Simply place the Wizzmo Skimmer Guard into your skimmers and let it work its magic by absorbing any expansion caused by freezing water.

Unlike traditional methods, the Wizzmo Skimmer Guard is designed to withstand freezing temperatures. Instead of expanding outward and potentially cracking your skimmer, the freezing water will actually compress the Wizzmo Skimmer Guard, providing a reliable barrier of protection.

The bottom of the Wizzmo Skimmer Guard is designed to fit either 1.5″ or 2″ internal thread, ensuring compatibility with most skimmers. It's a versatile solution that offers peace of mind for pool owners.

Don't take any chances with freezing water damaging your skimmer. Safeguard your investment with the innovative Wizzmo Skimmer Guard and enjoy a worry-free winter season knowing that your skimmer is protected.