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Frequently Asked Questions

General Swimming Pool Questions

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How many gallons of water does my swimming pool hold?

Above Ground Pool Sizes 52 Inches Deep 54 Inches Deep
12ft Round 3,395 Gallons 3,825 Gallons
15ft Round 5,310 Gallons 5,975 Gallons
18ft Round 8,200 Gallons 8,600 Gallons
21ft Round 10,405 Gallons 11,700 Gallons
24ft Round 13,595 Gallons 15,209 Gallons
27ft Round 17,205 Gallons 19,350 Gallons
30ft Round 21,240 Gallons 23,900 Gallons
33ft Round 25,700 Gallons 28,900 Gallons
10ft x 15ft Oval 3,805 Gallons 3,990 Gallons
12ft x 18ft Oval 5,480 Gallons 5,740 Gallons
12ft x 24ft Oval 6,795 Gallons 7,850 Gallons
15ft x 30ft Oval 10,620 Gallons 11,950 Gallons
18ft x 33ft Oval 14,020 Gallons 15,770 Gallons

Can I run my pool pump on an outside extension cord?

No. Please consult with an electrician for help with outdoor wiring and/or adding circuits to run your pool equipment.

Is it okay to sit or stand on the pool ledge?

No, please do not sit or stand on the pool top seats/ledges. All manufacturer's recommend that you do not sit, stand or jump from the ledge of the pool.

Do you install or can you recommend installers throughout the country?

We do not do any installations or pool service. We also do not have relationships with installers in other areas to refer you to. Our customers generally hire a local contractor or sometimes do the install themselves.

Website Ordering Questions

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Do you offer military, veteran or senior discounts?

At this time we do not offer any additional discounts. Occasionally we may have specials and sales with promo code offers. Sign up to our newsletter to get informed first when we do.

Pool Liner Questions

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My overlap liner says 48"/52" on the box, but the pool I ordered has a 54" wall.

All overlap liners are designed to fit 48", 52" or 54" pool walls. There is plenty of extra material on all liners to meet the maximum wall height of 54" in the pool industry.

What are some tips for installing an above ground pool liner?

Make sure you are installing the liner on a hot, sunny day. The liner needs to be warmed up in the sun to stretch properly, making the installation process much easier.

Can I drain my above ground pool to clean the liner?

Once the liner is installed, you need to fill the pool immediately and maintain water in it at all times. You should only drain the pool if you are replacing the liner.