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Water Bonding Fitting

Water Bonding Fitting


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Pursuant to the National Electrical Code, there must be an intentional bond to the water from the rest of the bonded system of the pool, such as the bonding grid under the deck, equipment, electrical panel, metal handrails and all other metal objects within 5 feet of the water. The bond must provide at least 9 square inches of surface area of contact.

Above Ground Water Bond Installation Instructions:

Begin the normal installation of the water pipe from the pump to the pool, except install the WaterbondC into the pump. ensure the fitting is installed so the metal is fully submerged in the water and in contact with the water in the line.

Step 1: Ensure the metal coil is fully submerged so the metal is in contact with the pool water!

Step 2: A #8 split bolt is supplied and attached to the tail ready to accept your pool bond wire. Attach a solid coper donging conductor not smaller then 8 AWG (8.4 mm2) shall be connected from the accessible wire connector on the motor to all metal parts of the swimming pool, structure and to all electrical equipment, metal conduit, and metal piping within 5 ft of the inside walls of a swimming pool when the motor is installed within 5 feet of the inside walls of the swimming pool.

The Waterbond™ fitting is a threaded PVC fitting, that has a piece of stainless steel wire installed, which will put over 9 square inches of stainless steel wire surface contact with the water. This complies with Article 680(c) of the National Electrical Code. Once the fitting has been screwed into the pipe or pump, simply connect a #8 bond wire to the tail, and run the bond wire back to the pump or other connection point on the bonding system of the pool.