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Wall Foam Liner Protection

Wall Foam Liner Protection


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Introducing an effective solution to protect against punctures: Wall Foam!

While in-wall insulation has limited benefits for above-ground pools or in-ground pools due to heat loss primarily occurring through the water's surface, insulation of the pool's walls can be advantageous in certain scenarios. For therapy pools that require a consistently high temperature and solar-heated pools that are more challenging to heat compared to gas-heated pools, wall insulation helps maintain the water temperature. Additionally, indoor pools near exterior walls may also benefit from insulation.

Wall Foam provides an extra layer of protection for your pool. It safeguards against punctures from any sharp edges present on your pool wall, as well as protects against punctures from the swimming pool's wall bolts.

Moreover, Wall Foam aids in corrosion prevention. By acting as a barrier against moisture, it helps inhibit or slow down corrosion, thereby extending the life of the swimming pool wall.

Experience the benefits of our high-quality Wall Foam: it protects the liner, reduces heat loss, and minimizes metal wall corrosion. Invest in this solution to enhance the longevity and functionality of your swimming pool.

Round Pools

48" x 85' Roll: For round pools up to 27 ft. and oval pools up to 18' x 39'

48" x 100' Roll: For round pools 30 ft. and 33 ft (2 rolls) and oval 21' x 41' (2 rolls)