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Universal Caddy - Any Robotic Pool Cleaner

Universal Caddy - Any Robotic Pool Cleaner


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Ideal For Transporting and Storing Your Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Universal Caddy is compatible with all residential Dolphin cleaners.  This durable, light-weight caddy makes transporting your cleaner a breeze.

Stress-free storage.  The caddy provides a proper storage solution and keeps pressure off the scrubbing brushes, allowing them to maintain their form.

The caddy provides a secure place to hold your power supply.

Provides a way to keep your cleaner's cable organized and out of the way.

Helpful Tips:

When your robot is in use, completely remove the cable from the Dolphin Caddy. Release enough of the cable for your Dolphin to properly cover your pool and leave the excess cable loosely rolled outside of the pool.

When storing your robot on the Dolphin Caddy, carefully wrap the cable so it does not have any kinks and place it around the top of the caddy.

Once a week, unplug the cable from the power supply and unwind the tangled portions of the cable, straighten it out and leave in the sun for a few hours. This will help remove any tangling or kinks.