This product is an upgrade option for a swimming pool package. It is not priced for individual sale.

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Standard Blue Overlap Liner 2000 Series

Standard Blue Overlap Liner 2000 Series


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All pool purchases come with a Standard Gauge Solid Blue Perma 20 Overlap Pool Liner.

Our premium liners are constructed of standard and heavy gauge vinyl. Our liners will last longer and maintain their beautiful appearance for years.

Overlap liners are designed for you to secure them under your pool's top rail. Liner material will be draped over your pool's walls and then is held in place with clips. After installing your liner, reinstall all of the top rails.

Strong, double-welded seams will withstand Winter's worst. Our liners are so rugged, they are backed by a 15-year warranty on standard guage perma 20 liners and a 25-year warranty on heavy gauge perma 25 liners.

All flat-bottom overlap lines will fit either 48", 52" or 54" sidewalls.

Liners are manufactured by using a high-frequency, molecular weld in its fabrication. This process produces a seal that is stronger than the material itself. High-frequency welds are normally only used for custom in-ground liners that cost thousands of dollars.