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Solar Blanket in a Bottle

Solar Blanket in a Bottle


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Heat Trapper Instructions:
To effectively use Heat Trapper for your pool, follow these instructions:

1. Ensure that the filtration system is running.
2. Measure and pour 4 ounces of Heat Trapper into your skimmer.
3. For pools with a capacity of 15,000 gallons, this dosage is suitable.
4. Repeat this dosage every two weeks for maximum effectiveness.

Heat Trapper Features:
Heat Trapper is designed to provide multiple benefits for your pool. When used bi-weekly, it forms a thin protective layer on the pool's surface. This layer helps prevent excessive water evaporation, minimizes heat loss, and reduces the amount of pool chemicals needed for maintenance.

Heat Trapper is an eco-friendly product that conserves water and saves energy. It acts similarly to a solar blanket, helping to prevent heat loss from the pool. Additionally, it is easy to use and non-toxic.