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Neuterra Smart Light Expansion Kit with Transformer

Neuterra Smart Light Expansion Kit with Transformer

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Expand the lighting options of your above ground pool with NeuTerra’s DIY Plug & Play Expansion Kit

Transform the ambiance of your outdoor space effortlessly with endless colors and light shows that sync to the music from any nearby Bluetooth speaker. Our free app allows you to control everything, and you can add additional NeuTerra lights anytime to really bring your backyard to life. Consider illuminating your landscape with the “Terra” 2-Pack Smart Landscape Lights and “Terra” 2-Pack Up-Lights for more options. Or for the brightest under water full color and pure white lighting available, choose the “Aries” Smart Return Light with a full 360° water flow adjustment and vortex flow for better agitated pool cleaning.

With NeuTerra’s Smart Lighting, you can expand your pool’s ambiance and enjoy the fun for years to come, backed by a 2-year warranty.

Invest in your backyard and create an unforgettable outdoor experience for your family and friends with NeuTerra’s Smart Lighting solutions.

  • Magically transform the exterior ambiance lighting of your above ground pool anytime
  • Plug & Play additional products anytime from NeuTerra’s Smart LED Lighting ecosystem with the upgraded 96W DIY Plug & Play Power Adapter
  • Easy to use Smart app included for endless color options, preprogrammed color shows, and programmable color shows that dances to your music
  • App is compatible with Alexa and Google smart home systems
  • Energy-efficient timer option
  • Start with the 4 included DIY 3M Peel & Stick LED colored Smart Colored Rail Lights
  • Expansion pack available to extend up to 24 Lights
  • Each Rail Light is 10W Brightness
  • Specialized Lens protects each LED for 100% protection from water intrusion in any weather
  • Unique one of a kind Rail Lights like no other in the industry
  • Remote included
  • 2-year warranty
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