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Formula "O" 10lb Bucket

Formula "O" 10lb Bucket


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Oxygen Pools Formula "O" 10 Pound Bucket

 Formula “O” Blended Shock Treatment:  This proprietary blend contains no chlorine and plays an important part in maintaining healthy water.  Formula “O” simplifies your water treatment program so you won’t need to add multiple chemicals to prevent green or cloudy water.

EPA registered Formula “O” contains four different additives that simplify your weekly maintenance:  Activated oxygen powder (non chlorine oxidizer) quickly oxidizes contaminants in the water;  A natural algaecide controls the growth of algae;  A food grade clarifier prevents cloudy water: and a food grade stain/scale preventative protects against staining and scaling.  Because the Formula contains no chlorine,  you can swim in minutes after dosing.