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Filter Frog for Spa & Hot Tubs

Filter Frog for Spa & Hot Tubs


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The Filter Frog is a mineral sanitizer for placement in spa filter cores.  It aims to help spa owners reduce their usage of chlorine and bromine by up to 50%.

The mineral style of purification helps to stop water from fading swimsuits, irritating eyes and emitting undesirable odors coming from any hot tub.

The Filter Frog drops seamlessly int the spa filter cartridge, filter well or skimmer.  On contact, it will destroy bacteria while neutralizing PH.

The mineral Frog Filter will last for approximately four months, during which it will filter water from the top portion of the sanitizer to the filtration system, and then deliver it back into the spa or hot tub, clean and clear water.

For spa owners looking for a natural way to improve the overall water purity, consider a one-piece, immediately effective natural mineral sanitizer.