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Clearview PH DOWN

Clearview PH DOWN


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Clearview PH Down, an effective solution to lower total pool alkalinity and pH levels. Achieving proper pool water balance is crucial in reducing skin and eye irritation.

Directions for Pools:
- Always add pH Minus to water. Do not add water to pH Minus. Avoid mixing it with other chemicals.
- Take caution not to apply it near metal fittings or the pool skimmer. Handle the product with gloves or clean, dry utensils.

For Pools with High pH:
1. Test the water with a pool water test strip. If the pH is above 7.6, pH Minus is needed.
2. In a plastic pail of pool water, pre-dissolve the required amount of product listed below. Always add the product into the water.
3. Pour the dissolved pH Minus onto the water's surface. Keep the pool filter running to ensure even dispersion.
4. Test the pH level again two hours later. If the pH reading is still above 7.6, repeat the dosage until the pH reaches the range of 7.4-7.6. Do not add pH Minus if the pH is below 7.4.
5. Avoid applying near metal fittings and refrain from adding it into the skimmer, through the pump, or without the filter running.

For Pools with High Total Alkalinity:
- The ideal alkalinity range varies based on the pool type: 80-120 ppm for marcite, painted, tile, or exposed aggregate pools; 120-140 ppm for vinyl pools; and 70-100 ppm for fiberglass pools.
- If the alkalinity is high, pre-dissolve the required amount of pH Minus in one spot at the deep end of the pool, away from walls and metal fixtures. Repeat daily until the desired total alkalinity is reached.

Directions for Spas:
- Always add pH Minus to water. Do not add water to pH Minus. Handle the product with gloves or dry utensils.
- Test the spa water for pH level using a spa water test strip. If pH Minus is needed, pre-mix 1 ounce in a plastic pail.
- Add the diluted pH Minus to the spa with only the air blower on. After 3 minutes, turn on the equipment. The water may be tested in 20 minutes. Additional pH Minus may be added if needed, following the same procedure.