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Shimmer n' Shock 1 lb. Bags

Shimmer n' Shock 1 lb. Bags


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Shocking your swimming pool, in addition to diligently using the correct amount of chlorine, is a crucial aspect of your pool maintenance program
  • Clearview Shimmer n' Shock is a multi-purpose shock, with water clarifiers, filter ads, and PH buffers that makes pool water sparkle.
  • No pre-dissolving, available in convenient 1 lb. bags.
  • This product is compatible with Bromine, Chlorine, Ozone and Ionization systems.
  • Add once every 2 weeks at a rate of 1 bag per 10,000 gallons for your Advanced Pool Program to maintain beautiful pool water.  Can swim in as soon as 15 minutes after application.

Our specially formulated swimming pool shock is designed for vinyl pools. It requires no pre-mixing, dissolves quickly with no residue, and won't fade your pool's vinyl liner. It's ideal for routine pool shock treatments throughout the season and can also be used in concrete pools. With 56% available chlorine and 99% sodium dichlor, it's suitable for all pool types and won't bleach or damage your liner.

Regular pool shock treatments, alongside proper chlorine use, are essential for a vibrant, algae-free pool. Don't overlook this crucial step, as it prevents dull water, irritation, and cloudy or algae-infested pools.