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Bottom Drain Kit

Bottom Drain Kit


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Ensure that your bottom drain is positioned at the lowest level of your pool, or if the pool is flat, in the middle.

A drain serves as an effective outlet for most of the dirt and debris that enters your pool and sinks, allowing them to exit the pool.

If you have an older drain and are replacing the liner, it is essential to upgrade it with an antivortex cover. This cover will redirect the flow of water and prevent the formation of a dangerous vortex.

Safety is our top priority, as this upgrade helps prevent limbs or hair from getting caught in the plumbing system.

Our drains are constructed with heavy-duty injection-molded ABS material, ensuring durability and reliability. These drains are suitable for use in residential or commercial pools.

The drain cover size is 8 inches, the pipe size for the side outlet is 1.5 inches, the pipe size for the bottom plug is 2 inches, and the plumbing port is female.

Choose our high-quality drain for efficient water circulation and enhanced safety in your pool, whether it is for residential or commercial use.