Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover Quart

Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover Quart


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Bio-Dex phosphate remover is a powerful solution formulated with the best natural ingredients to eliminate phosphates on contact and address the water problems associated with high phosphate levels. Phosphates can cause various issues, including water discoloration and other water quality issues.

By using our phosphate remover, you can effectively reduce and maintain low phosphate levels, ensuring clear and sparkling water in your pool. It can be easily incorporated into your regular maintenance routine to help you maintain ideal water conditions.

One of the key advantages of our phosphate remover is its non-hazardous nature, making it safe for use around swimmers. You can re-enter the water immediately after applying the product, without any concerns. Additionally, our phosphate remover is compatible with all types of sanitizing routines and filter media, ensuring its versatility and effectiveness for any pool setup.

With our phosphate remover, you can confidently address high phosphate levels and enjoy clear, vibrant pool water without the common issues associated with phosphates.

Our phosphate remover is a non-toxic product that prioritizes the safety of your family and guests. You can feel confident using it in your pool without any concerns. Moreover, our phosphate remover does not affect the chlorine levels in your water, ensuring the effectiveness of your sanitizer.

Phosphate Remover Instructions

For optimal results, we recommend treating existing algae with an algaecide and sanitizer before applying our phosphate remover. During application, make sure to apply the product around the perimeter of the pool while the filter is running, following the dosage instructions provided on the label. It's important to avoid backwashing or cleaning the pool during this period.

To help keep the water clear during treatment, add one and a half ounces per 10,000 gallons of water. If you prefer to reduce clouding, you can apply smaller amounts of phosphate remover over a period of several days. For maintenance, we suggest applying a dose weekly or monthly, depending on your needs. Regularly test your pool water and ensure it is properly balanced.

By following these instructions and incorporating our phosphate remover into your pool maintenance routine, you can effectively remove high phosphate levels and enjoy clear, balanced water in your pool.