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Anti-Vortex Vinyl Liner Main Drain with Threaded Ports (Kit of 2)

Anti-Vortex Vinyl Liner Main Drain with Threaded Ports (Kit of 2)


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Bottom Drain for Above-Ground Pool - Order includes a kit of two

  1. Place the bottom drain  centered in the deepest part of the pool in order to regulate the water flow efficiently. Connect the drain to a wall skimmer or the vacuum part of the filter pump.
  2. Connect the bottom drain to the pipes, support it in its final position and surround it with screening, sand or cement.
  3. Place a gasket on top of the bottom drain and make sure the holes are aligned.
  4. INSTALL LINER as per instructions provided with pool.
  5. Once the liner is installed, locate the 8 holes through the liner and carefully push holes into the liner. Align the second gasket on top of the liner. Align top ring.
  6. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, tighten 8 screws uniformly, one quarter turn at a time. Once all screws are tightened, use a knife to carefully remove the liner inside the bottom drain.
  7. Attach cover (depending on the model of drain) to the drain using 2 screws.