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Air Pillows

Air Pillows


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This rugged 16-gauge vinyl pillow serves as a protective barrier, absorbing the pressure caused by freezing water and safeguarding your pool walls.

In addition to its pressure-absorbing capabilities, the air pillow also helps to reduce the accumulation of excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover. By keeping these elements off the cover, it helps to maintain its integrity and effectiveness.

Furthermore, the air pillow plays a vital role in preventing your pool water from splitting due to ice expansion. By providing a cushion of air, it helps to relieve the stress and strain caused by freezing temperatures, reducing the risk of damage to your pool.

Invest in the durability and functionality of our air pillow to ensure the well-being of your pool during the winter season. Protect your pool walls, minimize debris accumulation, and prevent water splitting with this essential winter accessory.