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White Knight Plug-in 110Vt Electric Heat Pump

White Knight Plug-in 110Vt Electric Heat Pump


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White Knight Heat Pump

  • Super Efficient
  • Plugs into 110 Volt Outlet
  • No Gas Lines
  • No Propane Tanks
  • Saves 75% in Monthly Cost vs. Gas Heater

Heat Pumps are the most economical and efficient way to heat your pool.  For every $1.00 you spend with a heat pump, you get $5.00 back in heat.

What is a Heat Pump?

The secret to a heat pump's efficiency is they do not use any electricity to heat your pool.  Instead, they take the heat from the air around your pool and transform it to warm water in your pool.  The energy they consume is used strictly for the conversion of heat, unlike traditional gas heaters with the need to create the heat used to warm the pool's water.

How heat pumps work to heat swimming pool water.

Heat Pumps actually extract the heat from the warm air, then intensify the heat via a compressor, then deliver the heat to the pool water.  Finally, they exhaust the now cool air out of the top of the unit.  Because heat pumps use warm, ambient air to do the work, they are the most efficient way to heat your pool.

How They Work

A heat pump is reversed air conditioning using an evaporation condenser to heat water instead of cooling air.  Heat energy is absorbed from the ambient air.  Heat energy is amplified via the compressor.  Heat energy is transferred to the water via a heat exchanger.

Heat Exchanger

The most corrosion resistant material used for making heat exchangers is titanium.  Titanium is immune to corrosive attack by salt water or acids, alkaline, gases, organic media and salt solution factors.  Titanium is over 20% more erosion and corrosion resistant than conventional materials.


Heating capacity up to 40,000 BTU, Efficiency (COP) 9.0, Heat Exchanger: Titanium, Minimum Breaker: 20 AMP, Power: 120V/60HZ/12AMP, Water Flow: 15-50 Gallons.

White Knight Pool Sizing

For round pools up to 27', For oval pools up to 16' x 32', For rectangular pools up to 14' x 28'.  All with an average depth of 4 feet.


28" x 28" x 26.5" high

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