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18ft x 33ft Oval Heavy Duty Blue Bubble Solar Cover

18ft x 33ft Oval Heavy Duty Blue Bubble Solar Cover


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Reduce chemical and water evaporation with our heavy-duty solar blanket for round, oval, and rectangular pools.

To optimize heat retention, this blanket has an opaque, blue color that allows the maximum amount of sunlight to reach the water.

This innovative technology can increase your pool's temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermal bubbles retain warmth even after the sun is gone, keeping pool water warm through cloudy days and cool nights.

Our blankets are UV-protected and designed to withstand years of direct sunlight. Backed by our "No Problem" 3-year warranty, you will have no issues with our heavy-duty solar blankets.

Designed for round, oval, and rectangular pools, these blankets increase temperature up to 15 degrees, extending the swimming season. They are also UV-protected and chemical resistant.