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AC 9lb. Offline Chlorinator

AC 9lb. Offline Chlorinator


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Offline Chlorinator for Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pools

This large capacity, 9lb. tank will 1-inch sticks or 3-inch tablets.  The Chlorinator is fully adjustable so you can regulate the speed at which the tablets dissolve, depending on your pool's chlorine demand.

This unit is made of heavy duty resin and includes the unions and pipe fittings necessary to connect to 1 1/2" plumbing.  Its designed to be installed offline.  

This type of Chlorinator is an erosion type, installed after your swimming pool filter and pump system.  The water flow out of your filter system will dissolve the tablets and induce chlorine into your swimming pool.

This unit is an offline system so you are supplied with feeder hoses that supply the feeder with water.  Proper placement of the Chlorinator is imperative.

You can make the task of proper pool chlorination easier, though, with the help of an Automatic Chlorinator (also known as an Automatic Chlorine Feeder).  Automatic Chlorinators save you time because they slowly and automatically supply your pool water with a controlled amount of chlorine.