Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Maintaining an above-ground pool requires regular care and attention to keep the water clean, clear, and safe. Here are some key maintenance tasks for your above-ground pool:

1. Shock the Pool Weekly: Weekly shocking is important to maintain sanitary water. Add a large amount of liquid chlorine, non-chlorine shock, or granular chlorine to the pool to remove contaminants such as algae, combined chlorine, and germs.

2. Run the Pump and Filter Every Day: It's crucial to run the pump and filter daily to circulate the water, distribute sanitizer, and remove particles, debris, and contaminants. Typically, an above-ground pool's pump and filter should run 24 hours a day, but if you have a more efficient system, you can adjust the running time to 12-16 hours during high-use periods and 8-12 hours during low-use periods.

3. Clean the Pool Weekly: Cleaning the pool on a weekly basis helps prevent stains on the liner and reduces debris that can affect water chemistry. Use pool cleaning tools such as a leaf net to remove floating debris, vacuum the pool floor to remove sunken debris and dirt, and brush all pool surfaces to remove dirt and algae. Clean out the pool filter, pump basket, and skimmer basket as well.

4. Test and Balance the Pool Multiple Times per Week: Test your pool water two to three times a week using test strips or a test kit. Adjust the water balance with appropriate chemicals. Pay attention to pH levels (7.4-7.6), Free Available Chlorine (2.0-4.0 ppm), and Total Alkalinity (80-120 ppm).

5. Add Clarifier and Algaecide: Use algaecide to prevent and eliminate algae by working with chlorine to destroy the protective outer layers of algae cells. Clarifier helps the filter work more efficiently by coagulating tiny particles for easy removal and keeps the water clear.

6. Avoid Using Non-Pool Toys: To prevent damage to the pool liner, only use pool toys specifically designed for use in the water. Avoid using toys like nerf guns, dolls, or Hot Wheels cars that can tear the liner.

Remember, maintaining an above-ground pool requires regular attention and care. By following these maintenance steps and using appropriate pool maintenance chemicals and accessories, you can keep your pool in great condition. For assistance with pool care products, you can contact Swimming Pool Discounters.
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