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What is the Best Pool Design for a Small Yard?

What is the Best Pool Design for a Small Yard?

12,Jun 2019
Are you looking for a way to cool off this summer, but worried you don’t have enough room for a swimming pool? Even if you have a small backyard, you can still enjoy all the perks of having a swimming pool by following these tips to make the best use of your space.

Determining the Best Type of Pool

When searching for the best type and design for your backyard, the advantage isn’t strong either way as long as you find the type of pool and design you want. Fiberglass pools can help you maximize water space and require less maintenance than other varieties.

If you only have a certain amount of space, it may be challenging to get a fiberglass pool depending on the manufacturer. Fiberglass pools are manufactured using molds, so they are limited to specific sizes.

If a fiberglass pool doesn’t fit, vinyl and concrete inground pools can be customized into the shape and size you prefer with very few limitations, helping you to maximize patio space or a tanning area.

Which Type of Pool Requires the Least Amount of Maintenance?

If you have a smaller pool, you may think it will be easier to maintain, but that is not always the case. The time needed for maintenance depends on factors such as:

  • What type of pool/pool liner you have.
  • The landscaping surrounding the pool.
  • Whether you have an automatic pool cleaner or not.
When comparing vinyl liners to concrete, vinyl liners require less maintenance with cleaning and chemicals and have a shorter installation period than concrete pools, but they do require replacement every 8-11 years. Fiberglass pools require the least amount of maintenance on both a seasonal and long-level.

What Shape will Work Best?

When it comes to installing a pool in a small backyard, you have to work with the space that is available to you. You may consider a curved pool like a kidney shape, but you have to keep in mind with shapes like these, you will lose out on water space but will have more space for a patio.

Keep in mind that you will need 7ft. of decking space to have a lounge chair on the patio and if you plan to place tables and additional chairs on the patio, more space will be required. Because of the added decking space, freeform pools are very common in small backyards.

What Features are Available for Small Pools?

A small pool design can be enhanced with swimming pool accessories or features such as pool heater, automatic covers, and pool lights. You can also add in a tanning ledge or a Baja shelf, even if your pool is smaller in size.

Contact the experts at Swimming Pool Discounters today to learn more about our available pool liners and how we can help you find the best pool for your small backyard!