Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool

05,May 2022
With spring in full swing, summer swimming is right around the corner! This means it’s time to start preparing to open your pool. Whether you’re a new pool owner or a seasoned pro, Swimming Pool Discounters has put together our top tips for opening your pool for summer that can benefit all pool owners!

Pool Opening Tips From Our Experts

Start By Cleaning Your Deck

To prevent leaves and debris from getting into your pool water, you will want to start your pool opening process by cleaning off the pool deck. Begin by sweeping it clean and then use soap to brush it down and then rinse it off with water.

Use a Sump Pump to Remove Water From the Pool Cover

Whether you have a winter cover or a solid safety cover, you will need to remove the water that has accumulated on top of the cover before you can remove it. By removing the water first, you can make removing the cover much easier. To remove the water, use a submersible pool cover pump to drain the water off.
Use at least two people to remove the cover since they can be heavy and difficult to maneuver alone. It is also recommended that you take special care not to dump a lot of debris from the cove into the pool.

Stock Up On the Right Pool Chemicals

The last thing you want to do when opening your pool is run out of the proper chemicals. If you run out of pool chemicals after opening the pool or the water becomes unbalanced, you will be dealing with murky, green water that eventually will be unswimmable.
We recommend that you purchase all necessary pool chemicals prior to opening the pool. This wat you can save money by buying offseason while also saving yourself multiple trips to the store.

Inspect Your Pool Equipment

Your pool equipment is processing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, resulting in a lot of wear and tear on equipment like your pump and filter. Before opening your pool, you want to check that your pool equipment is functioning properly. You will want to inspect the following:
  • Pool cover- look for tears or holes and check the condition of the cover anchors and hooks.
  • Filter system- Check for cracks or leaks and the pressure gauge. You should also use a Teflon lubricant to lubricate the filter’s O-ring and reinstall the drain plugs.
  • Pool heater- Look for any damage and schedule your annual service and tune-up to keep the heater in perfect working condition.
  • Pool pump- Look for cracks or leaks and lubricate the o-ring.
You should also inspect your pole, brushes, pool vacuum, and skimmer net to ensure they are all in working order.

Stock up for Summer with Swimming Pool Discounters

At Swimming Pool Discounters, we have the chemicals and other pool accessories you need to open up your pool and keep it crystal clear all summer long. Contact us today to learn more!