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Is a Saltwater Pool Right for me?

Is a Saltwater Pool Right for me?

04,Nov 2019

When you hear saltwater, you may think of ocean water, but when it comes to having a saltwater pool at home, it is essential to keep in mind that they are very different.

This type of pool is called a saltwater pool because you add high levels of salt to the water rather than chlorine. Using a salt-chlorine generator, the salt is turned into chlorine, making the water feel silkier. A saltwater pool does not taste like seawater and has a very mild salty taste. The salinity level of a saltwater pool more closely resembles that of contact lens solution or a teardrop.

How Does a Salt Chlorine Generator Work?

There are two main components to this machine, including the cell and the control board as the pool water flows through the electrode cell, a series of metallic grids with a low-voltage current work together to create a reaction. This reaction converts the salt into small bubbles of chlorine.

After the pure chlorine leaves the chlorinator, it will react with the water forming hypochlorous acid, which is the form of chlorine that is cleaning the pool water.

Pros and Cons of a Saltwater Pool


A saltwater pool offers a variety of advantages, including:

  • Lower yearly costs
  • No harsh chlorine smells
  • Gentle on eyes and skin
  • Clear and smooth water


Disadvantages of a saltwater pool include:

  • Replacement parts are more expensive.
  • Water Testing can be challenging to remember.

Forgetting water testing combined with the lack of chlorine smell and eye irritation can lead to higher chlorine levels that can result in damage to the pool and pool equipment.

Types of Pools Where Saltwater Systems Work Best

Slater systems work best with fiberglass pools. They can also be used in:

  • Vinyl liner pools with polymer wall panels
  • Concrete pools with a tiled surface

Avoid using a saltwater system in a pool with metal wall panels. Salt can corrode the galvanized steel in the panels, handrail, and in the ladder anchors. It can also be abrasive on concrete pools and plaster.

Looking for a Saltwater Pool? Swimming Pool Discounters Can Help!

If you are interested in concerting your pool to saltwater or would like to have a new saltwater pool installed, Swimming Pool Discounters is your one-stop-shop for all of your swimming pool needs. Contact us today to get a quote!