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Rain and Pool Chemistry

How Does Rain Water Affect Pool Water Chemistry?

27,Aug 2019

Pittsburgh has experienced heavy rains lately, this may mean flooding or the cancellation of summer plans, but it also may mean pool water issues for pool owners.  Heavy rainfall can affect your pool’s water chemistry in several ways.

Although many of us may think that rainwater is pure distilled water, that is not the case. As rainfall through the air, it picks up trace amounts of a variety of pollutants, dust, spores, and other contaminants that can affect your pool’s water.

Heavy Rains and Your Pool Water Chemistry

Heavy rains can affect a variety of elements in your pool water, including:

  • pH- Rainwater, typically with a neutral pH, easily absorbs low pH contaminants as it falls to the ground. Acid rain usually falls within the 5.5 – 6. pH range, which is low enough to affect your pool pH levels. Heavy rains over a period of days may require a pH increaser to correct.
  • Alkalinity- Pure rainwater has a total alkalinity near zero, so heavy rains can dilute your pool’s alkalinity level. Low alkalinity can cause your water to become corrosive and can be corrected with an alkalinity increaser.
  • Hardness- Rainwater has almost zero hardness based on the amount of calcium salts in the water. If your pool water has less than 200 ppm CH, meaning the water is soft, heavy rainfall can lower your pool water hardness even more. This will require a calcium hardness increaser.

What You Can do to Prepare Your Pool for Heavy Rains

Heavy rainfall can also dilute the chlorine levels in your pool water along with leaves, debris, and dust which also use up some of your chlorine. It’s essential to up your chlorine levels when a storm is on the way to handle the dilution.

Rain can also promote algae growth, providing algae with the food they need to thrive, such as nitrates, phosphates, and other organic contaminants. You can add 1lb of pool shock per 10,000 gallons after heavy rainfall to help prevent algae growth.

Professional Pool Care

At Swimming Pool Discounters, we offer a variety of pool chemicals to help you keep your pool water clean and clear. Contact us today to learn more!