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Choosing the Appropriate Swimming Pool Cover

26,Jul 2019
With the end of summer drawing near, it will soon be time to cover your pool in preparation for the winter months. To help you find the right cover for your pool we’ve put together a list of the most common types of pools covers you can consider for winterizing your pool.

Types of Pool Covers 

There are a variety of different pool covers suitable for above ground and in-ground pools. The different types of pool cover available include:

  • Standard Tarp Winter Cover- This type of cover will require a pump on top and keeps out light debris and sunlight. You can expect it to last 1-3 seasons at the cost of $75-$225.
  • Mesh Security Cover- This type of cover does not require a pump on top. It can keep out debris but does not keep out water. You can expect it to last 10-25 years at the cost of $1,200-$3,000.
  • Solid Vinyl Security Cover- a solid vinyl cover, like the tarp cover, keeps out debris and water but does require a pump on top. This cover will cost roughly $1,200-$3,000 and can be expected to last for 6-10 years.
  • Automatic Cover- With an automatic cover, your pool has constant protection and heated water. This type of cover lasts about three years before parts need to be replaced.

    Standard Winter Pool Cover

    This type of cover is effective at keeping the sunlight and debris out off your pool during the winter season. Made of a tarp-like material, these covers need to be held down by water or sandbags and only last 1 to 3 seasons.This type of cover cannot hold a lot of weight and will require a pump to keep the water off of the top of it to keep the cover from caving in. With a lack of aesthetic appeal and a short lifespan, these covers start cheap but will need to be replaced after just a few years of use.

    Security Pool Cover

    This cover is a popular option among many inground pool owners and is available in mesh or solid. This cover looks similar to a trampoline with spring-loaded straps connected to the cover and anchored to the concrete, holding it in place.

    Mesh Security Cover

    We mainly offer mesh security covers due to its durability and convenience. This cover does not reassure a pump and can handle heavyweight such as snow loads while also keeping leaves and other debris out. This type of cover does not require any additional upkeep and can last from 1- to 25 years.

    Mesh does allow water through which can result in dirty water come springtime.

    Solid Security Cover

    Solid security covers are made from vinyl material and do not allow water to pass through. This type of cover requires a pump to keep the water off of the cover, and you can expect your pool to be clear when you remove the cover in the spring.

    The pumps for these covers don’t last more than 2-4 years due to the wear and tear of the elements and cost around $200 or more to replace them. Solid covers also tend to have a shorter lifespan than mesh covers.

    Automatic Pool Covers 

    There are a variety of automatic covers, which gives them a board price, ranging anywhere from $12,000-$22,000. Automatic covers help to keep leaves and debris out of the pool, work as solar covers, and offer you constant protection against unwanted swimmers/guests.

    The vinyl material they are made out f wears out in about five years and replacing the vinyl material can be expensive, ranging from $2,000-$4,000. These covers may also overheat the water, making your pool less refreshing in the summertime.

    Another issue is that these covers can collapse after a heavy snowfall and also tend to break down. Automatic covers are made up of many components that can break down, such as aluminum track and a motor as well as ropes and pulleys. These break downs can be frustrating and can even hinder the use of your pool.

    Quality Pool Covers and Winterizing Accessories

    When you’re ready to winterize your pool, call Swimming Pool Discounters. We can help you find the best pool cover for your budget and can also help you select other winterizing accessories to keep your pool in excellent condition for the spring season.

    Contact us today to learn more!