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Choosing a Variable Speed Pool Pump

26,Sep 2019
A variable speed pool pump is a pump that has multiple speeds, some with as many as eight pre-set speeds. There are a variety of advantages to using a variable speed pool pump.

This type of pump runs cool to the touch and has a permanent magnet motor that runs quietly compared to standard pumps.

Because the speed is variable, you can change the motor speed using the Up and Down arrows. You can also program a variable speed pool pump with custom speeds for specific cleaning duties.

With the low motor speed, you can expect to save energy. Using a variable speed pool pump allows you to cut the speed by half, which also allows you to cute amperage by four times. This will help you save roughly 50%-90% when compared to the cost of a standard pump.

Finding the Right Variable Speed Pool Pump

The first thing to consider when looking for a variable speed pool pump is the size of your pool. It is essential to avoid oversizing your VS pool pump. This type of pump range in horsepower from 1.5HP – 3.0HP. The smaller variable speed pool pumps have 1.5” plumbing whereas the larger pumps will work best with 2” to 2.5” plumbing sizes for the best fit.

You also need to consider the pipe size. 2: PVC pipes provide more water flow and less resistance, so if you have 1.5” plumbing, it is recommended that you replace your above ground plumbing with 2” PVC pipe.
Once you’ve determined the best size pump for your pool, a simple keyword search for variable speed pool pumps can help you find the brands that are highest rated and reviewed by other pool owners. This research will help you get a perspective on which brands to check out and which to steer clear of.

Expert Pool Pump Services in Pittsburgh

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