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Upgrade to 16' x 37' Rect. Fusion HD with Electric Blue 27/20 mil PVS In-Ground Pool Liner

Upgrade to 16' x 37' Rect. Fusion HD with Electric Blue 27/20 mil PVS In-Ground Pool Liner


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Liner Pattern Option for Hercules Aluminum Frame Semi or Full In-Ground Pools 52"

The beauty begins from within, starting with a new inground Vinyl Liner. And a vinyl pool liner is the foundation that will serve as the cornerstone to your backyard transformation. Selecting the perfect liner will define the theme and tone of your patio, deck or other backyard setting for many summers to come; so making the right choice right now is crucial.

Luckily for you, GLI Pool Products offers the largest selection of inground pool liners available in the region, including your choice of various color and vinyl thickness (mil) options. The selections are nearly endless and the attention to detail you will receive from our pool professionals is unmatched.

Each liner is custom made, utilizing state-of-the-art computer aided design technology, ensuring a perfect fit.



  • 20 MIL: Wall and floor of liner are both 20 mils.
  • 27/20 MIL: Wall is 27 mils and floor is 20 mils.
  • 27 MIL: Wall and floor of liner are both 27 mils.

Our team of experienced designers handcrafts each liner pattern and our experts are happy to walk you through a myriad of options to ensure they match your personal style and sophistication, as well as to help create a fun and spectacular backyard atmosphere that captures your true essence!

Backed by a 20-Year Limited Warranty

Please note: GLI inground vinyl liners are intended for use in Residential swimming pools only. GLI inground liners do not meet ANSI/APSP-1 2003 Standards for Public Swimming Pools and are not intended or authorized for use with public and/or commercial swimming pools.