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Clearview Super Crystal Clarifier Quart

Clearview Super Crystal Clarifier Quart


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Super Crystal Clarifier

  • Clarifies cloudy water.
  • Helps prevent pool stains by removing minerals from water.
  • Eliminates oil & scum.
  • Improves pool filter efficiency

Super Crystal Clarifier is a multi-purpose natural polymer formulated to clear cloudy and discolored water.  4-1 water clarifier sequesters metals that discolor pool water and flocculates dirt and other organic debris so they can be vacuumed out of the pool.

It's safe for the environment because it is all natural, but its effective formula removes excess metals, eliminates oils and makes your swimming pool water sparkle!  Safe to use with all sanitizers and helps pool filters run cleaner.

Super Crystal Clarifier Directions for use:

  1. Clean or backwash your pool filter if applying initial dose.
  2. Measure dosage (initial dosage of two ounces or maintenance dosage of one ounce per 5,000 gallons) and dilute in five gallons of water.  Pour around the edge of the pool.  If your water is especially dirty, you can double or triple the dosage.
  3. Allow at least six hours of continuous filtration for best results.
  4. Under normal conditions, use Super Crystal Clarifier once per week for sparkling clean water.

* Can be used with Biguanide