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18' x 36' Chesi-Wood Wall Semi/Full-In Ground Rectangular Pool

18' x 36' Chesi-Wood Wall Semi/Full-In Ground Rectangular Pool

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Pool Kit Includes:
  • All Wall Panels
  • All Hardware
  • PVC Liner Extrusion
  • White Good Kit
  • Bracing Kit & Rebar
  • 20 mil. Printed Liner (pattern below)
    Carnegie patterned liner
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    The Chesi-Wood Wall Swimming Pool Package is the semi and fully inground pool kit for the Do-It-Yourself of the future, available now!  Today, more than ever, Chesi-Wood Wall Pool Kits make sense.  It is one of the strongest pool walls available and it is a renewable source product.  

    Chesi-Wood is easy to work with and environmentally friendly.

    Our Chesi-Wood

    Panels are 48" tall with 2 x 4 framing and vertical ribs every two feet.  Bracing is 2 x 4 with two angle iron stakes per brace.  Braces are spaced every four feet making this wall extremely strong.

    The Chesi-Wood itself meets all ground contact specifications and is treated with alkaline copper quaternary at .60 pounds per cubic feet.  All wood used is ACQ treated, which is rated for contact with both fresh water and ground contact.

    Our wood walls are constructed to be structurally and functionally equal to steel or polymer pool walls.  All panels are prefabricated so the pool is delivered with a fully constructed wall panel.

    Wood wall pools have been installed for over 60 years.  It was one of the first prefab pools on the market.  

    Pool has an r-value of 8.  This provides insulation from the ground temperature with remains and average of 55-57 degrees year round.  You have several options for the bottom depths of your pool.  If a hard floor is used with this panel, your heating costs will be lowered by the "cocooning effect" of using both.

    All skimmer, inlet, and light cutouts are custom placed to meet your specifications.  Please advise your salesperson of location.  Each pool is custom manufactured to your specs.

    Chesi-Wood Semi-In Ground Pools

    Pools can be installed 24" or more in the ground for a semi-inground.  See pictures of Chesi-Wood Pools that we've installed!

    The wall bracing system is one of the best in the industry, but it is necessary to pour a concrete footing around the walls with semi- or fully-inground installations.  

    Wood wall pools have been around since the 1950's.  It's a time proven value with an excellent track record.  We've all seen wood wall pools that are 40-45 years old.  The longevity of these pools is phenomenal. 

    Protection against rot, fungal decay and termites.  70-year successful track record. Easy to work with, repair and modify with common tools.  Strong, resilient, versatile and economical.


    Bracing every 4 feet, 30 inch stakes and plywood glued to the framework makes Chesi-Wood a very, very stable wall.  All wood approved by the EPA for in the ground usage.

    What is Chesi-Wood?

    This product has undergone a special process that makes it more durable and less susceptible to decay and water damage.  Under pressure, the lumber is treated and the coatings are driven into the cell structure of the lumber itself.  This process enables the wood to withstand decades of being embedded in soil.

    Wolmanized Wood

    Wolmanized wood is poles, piles, timbers, posts or plywood that is pressure treated with CCA preservative to provide structural protection from termites and fungal decay.  For 70 years, CCA treated wood has been specified in a wide variety of applications.  When used as recommended, CCA treated wood is harmless to people, plants and animals.  Its use provides environmental benefits as well as decades of service.

    Affordable Options

    Chesi-Wood pools offer liner over full width stairs and liner over benches and fiberglass steps that are more affordable by using Chesi-Wood.

    PVC Liner Retainer System

    This system is ideal for overhanging brickwork, paving stones or mortex cantilever forms.  Will hold your beaded pool liner in place and is very easy to attach to your Chesi-Wood pool panels.


    • Manufacturer:
    • Pool Shape: Rectangular
    • Pool Size: 16' x 32' Rect
    • Wall Height:
    • Frame Size: