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1.0 HP Supreme In-Ground Pool Pump

1.0 HP Supreme In-Ground Pool Pump


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The Supreme In-Ground Pool Pump features a rugged, one-piece strainer housing molded from corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic, ensuring extra durability and a long lifespan. Its exclusive, high-performance motor design operates quietly, runs cooler, and is more energy-efficient.

The pump is equipped with a massive strainer basket, making maintenance tasks easier to handle. The see-through lid allows for fast and easy inspection, with the engineered polymer remaining clear and strong. Additionally, the lid is designed to be easily removable and quickly locks in place with a quarter-turn.

The American design mechanical seal utilizes carbon-to-ceramic sealing surfaces, providing reliable performance. The pump also includes a stainless steel shaft and a high-profile motor mounting base. It undergoes full factory testing to ensure quality and functionality.

Servicing the pump is made simple, and it operates on 110 volts only. It comes supplied with a plug for convenient installation. Enjoy the durability, efficiency, and easy maintenance provided by this pump for your pool system.