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What You Need To Know About Pool Filter Sand

29,Dec 2016

Pool Filter Sand Because sand filters are known for their ease of operation, they have become one of the most common pool filters used today. While they are common, they are not the easiest to replace.

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Tips for Closing Your Pool

30,Nov 2016

Closing your Pool The cold is upon us and it is time to close the pool. These are sad words for those of us at Swimming Pool Discounters. Nevertheless, it must be done. Because we want your pool to be in tiptop shape come summer (and it will come!), we complied these pool closing tips … Continue reading “Tips for Closing Your Pool”

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Advantages of Slimline No-Braced Oval Pools

13,May 2016

Slimline No-Braced Oval Pools You’d love to put an above ground pool in your yard, but you’re not sure if there’s enough room. That’s a common concern among homeowners who have limited space. Many above ground pools have what are called A-braces, which help to support the sides. These braces stick out around the whole … Continue reading “Advantages of Slimline No-Braced Oval Pools”

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Why People Consider Small Pools

30,Mar 2016

Considering a Small Pool? If you’re thinking about purchasing a small in ground pool, you have plenty of options–probably many more than you expected. The small pool market has been booming lately, and you can choose exactly what you like that will fit both your budget and your lifestyle. Most small pools about 24 feet … Continue reading “Why People Consider Small Pools”

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When to Open Your Swimming Pool

26,May 2015

It’s Time to Open Your Pool! Swimming pool season is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering when it is a good time to open your Pittsburgh swimming pool. The answer is, you probably should have already. Although summer is the main season for swimming, having your pool already set up for the season is … Continue reading “When to Open Your Swimming Pool”

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