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Will My Home Need an Electrical Service Upgrade for My Swimming Pool?

09,May 2018

Homeowners should know that getting a swimming pool installed may also mean some changes to their house. Sometimes, a pool’s electrical requirements could involve an electrical service upgrade that will provide your home (including the pool) with more power.

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Swimming Pool Liners and Liner Thickness: What You Need to Know

09,Apr 2018

If you are looking for a new vinyl liner for your inground or above ground pool, you should consider several things before you decide to buy a liner replacement. Most people just think about the color and the design of the liner. However, the thickness of a vinyl liner is probably the most important part … Continue reading “Swimming Pool Liners and Liner Thickness: What You Need to Know”

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How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump?

30,Mar 2018

Although many people don’t realize it, a pool pump has a big job: circulating the water in the pool, along with the chemicals that you add, plus filtering out the impurities and organic matter to keep the water fresh and safe.

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Winter Pool Safety

18,Jan 2018

A swimming pool is a fun way to make use of the warm summer days. However, eventually winter settles in and the cold weather keeps us indoors.

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How to Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

17,Jan 2018

Making our pool more energy-efficient can help you to reduce your energy costs, but many may not know where to start when it comes to outfitting your pool with energy-efficient equipment. At Swimming Pool Discounters, we have put together a list of energy-hogging pool equipment and more energy-efficient products. Pool Pumps for a More Efficient … Continue reading “How to Make Your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient”

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