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Will I Need An Electrical Service Upgrade For My Swimming Pool?

11,Nov 2018

In many cases, installing a pool may require you to upgrade your home’s electrical service to accommodate the need for extra power. We will discuss common questions you may have regarding how a swimming pool may influence your need to upgrade your electrical service.

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Winter Pool Cover Shopping Guide

08,Oct 2018

With summer fading and the falls season beginning, the cold winter days are not far behind. As you begin preparing to close your pool for the winter, it is important to make sure you purchase the best pool cover to last through the harsh season and protect your pool from the elements.

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Chemical Guide for Closing My Swimming Pool

27,Sep 2018

With summer coming to an end, Pittsburgh swimming pool owners will be preparing to close their pools up for the winter. It’s time to check your stock of pool closing supplies such as winter chemicals, plugs, pool cover attachments, and other accessories used for winterizing your pool, to make sure you are adequately prepared. At Swimming … Continue reading “Chemical Guide for Closing My Swimming Pool”

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New Swimming Pool Opening Supply Buyers Guide

09,Jul 2018

If this is the first year that you own a swimming pool, you’re probably excited and counting down the days until it is nice enough outside to open your pool. First, though, you should be sure that you have all of the supplies that are needed to safely open and use your new pool.

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Single Speed vs Two Speed vs Variable Speed Pool Pumps 

06,Jun 2018

New pool owners are sometimes surprised to learn that there are different kinds of pool pumps. Pumps are important because they circulate the water and pool chemicals while filtering out the debris and other impurities.

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