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Managing Snow and Ice on Your Pool Cover

12,Feb 2020

Winter Pool Management With the snowy Pittsburgh weather just around the corner, it is essential to ensure you take the proper steps when managing snow and ice that accumulates on your pool cover. By knowing how to handle the snow and ice properly, you can keep your cover securely in place, and your pool is … Continue reading “Managing Snow and Ice on Your Pool Cover”

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Is a Saltwater Pool Right for me?

04,Nov 2019

When you hear saltwater, you may think of ocean water, but when it comes to having a saltwater pool at home, it is essential to keep in mind that they are very different.

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How to Remove Stains from Your Pool

16,Oct 2019

Stains on your pool can be embarrassing and can make enjoying your pool with friends and family difficult. Some pool stains are hard to remove and may require more than just brushing to remove them.

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Choosing a Variable Speed Pool Pump

26,Sep 2019

A variable speed pool pump is a pump that has multiple speeds, some with as many as eight pre-set speeds. There are a variety of advantages to using a variable speed pool pump.

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How Does Rain Water Affect Pool Water Chemistry?

27,Aug 2019

Pittsburgh has experienced heavy rains lately, this may mean flooding or the cancellation of summer plans, but it also may mean pool water issues for pool owners.  Heavy rainfall can affect your pool’s water chemistry in several ways.

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