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winter pool safety

Winter Pool Safety

18,Jan 2018

A swimming pool is a fun way to make use of the warm summer days. However, eventually winter settles in and the cold weather keeps us indoors.

In Pittsburgh, where the seasons can be temperamental and bring about a range of harsh elements, it is important that your pool is properly prepared for the season. There are a few key things to remember before winter that will keep your pool safe and ready to be used come spring!

Be sure that your pool is properly winterized – This includes removing any leaves and/or debris, balancing the pH, alkalinity, and total hardness.winter pool safety Shock the pool before closing and add an algae control product recommended by a swimming pool professional.

Remove any steps leading to your pool – Removing any steps or ladders that lead to your pool with not only ensure that there are no unexpected accidents during the winter, but will prevent any damage that could occur as well as reduce wear and tear.

Properly cover your pool – Your pool cover is your pool’s sole source of protection from debris, rain, and other harsh elements. If it is not properly secured, it can be damaged by high winds. It is important that your pool cover fits over the entire length of your pool and that is secure.

Secure your pool with a safety fence and/or gate locks – Depending on whether you have an inground or above ground pool, there are hazards that can occur with each. Whether it is animals or unwanted visitors, your pool should have an extra level of security during the winter months, for safety reasons. Never leave a child unattended around any pool, even during the winter months.

Following just a few simple safety steps will ensure that your pool, your family, and your pets are safe and secure during the winter months. Whether you own an above ground or inground pool, swimming pool safety is a must!

If you are in need of winterizing equipment or accessories to make your pool safer, visit one of Swimming Pool Discounters’ three locations in and around the Pittsburgh area, or shop our store online! If you are in need of assistance, our team of pool experts will be happy to recommend the right product that meets your needs!