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Winter Pool Cover Shopping Guide

08,Oct 2018
With summer fading and the falls season beginning, the cold winter days are not far behind. As you begin preparing to close your pool for the winter, it is important to make sure you purchase the best pool cover to last through the harsh season and protect your pool from the elements.

There are a wide range of pool cover options out there, each with their own benefits and difference. Sorting through the many varieties may seem like a difficult task, so here at Swimming Pool Discounters, we’re here to help! Our experts have put together a shopping guide to help you find the best option to protect your pool for the winter.

Determining the Correct Size Pool Cover to Buy

One of the most important factors in purchasing a pool cover is to find one in the correct size to ensure it properly fits your pool.
To determine the diameter of your pool, measure your pool from inside edge to inside edge. Our durable covers feature a built-in four-foot overlap that won’t stretch and rip like other three-foot overlap covers. Our covers easily adapt to your pool’s size even after you lower the water level for the winter. For example, our winter cover for a 12’ pool measures ′16.
When it comes to our durable safety mesh covers, we will come to your home and measure for them ourselves to provide the most accurate and effective custom cover.

What Type of Pool Cover Should You Buy?

Each type of pool cover serves different needs, so it is best to understand the differences and benefits of each when shopping for a new pool cover.
Mesh Winter Covers
This type of cover is installed like a solid cover and floats on top of the water. These tight mesh covers allow rainwater, melting snow, and fine debris to pass through while preventing leaves and other large debris from getting into the pool.  This type of cover will require you to fo more vacuuming when you open the pool in the spring and also contributes to algae growth which may require you to open the pool earlier and use additional chemicals.
With a solid cover, you will need to pump water off of the surface regularly to keep the cover functioning properly, so consider how much time you have to maintain the cover during the winter when choosing and how much work you can put in when opening the pool come springtime.
Solid Winter Covers
This type of cover is made of a tightly woven material with a laminated barrier that protects the pool from sunlight and contamination, preventing pool stains and changes to the pool’s winter water balance. When maintained properly, a solid cover can keep the water clear throughout the winter. To maintain a solid cover, you must regularly pump the water off the cover and remove debris. It is also essential to keep the pool secured to the pool with either a cable and a winch for an above ground pool or with water bags as weight to hold the cover down for in-ground pool.
Safety Pool Covers
This type of cover is available for both in-ground and above ground pools that are surrounded by a pool deck.  A mesh safety pool covers are used to protect people and pets from accidental drowning. This type of cover is installed by drilling brass anchors around the perimeter of the pool. These covers are fitted with safety cover straps that have a break strength of over 4,000 pounds. These straps can support the weight of pets, people, and even small cars. The only drawback with a mesh cover is that you may require more closing chemicals to maintain clear water in the springtime because the mesh allows sunlight and contaminants in.

Finding the Best Grade of Pool Cover for Your Budget

At Swimming Pool Discounters, we provide pool covers in a range of sizes, types, and prices to provide our customers with a quality pool cover, no matter their budget!
We have fours grades of pool covers, Gorilla, Gold, Silver, and Bronze for both above ground and in-ground pools. We offer a cover to suit any budget. From the Arctic Armor Bronze winter covers that have an eight-year warranty and are made with a durable polyethylene scrim and coating that can withstand the winter elements to our Arctic Armor Gold covers that are made from rugged U.V. stabilized woven polyethylene and have a 15-year warranty.
We also offer Arctic Armor Gorilla in-ground covers that carry a 20-year warranty and unmatched durability to handle anything the winter season can throw at it!
When it comes down to it, it is essential to buy the pool cover that meets your budget and your quality requirements. Choose the best quality pool cover within your budget to ensure you are prepared for the winter months and to avoid a significant pool disaster in the middle of the winter.
Let Swimming Pool Discounters provide you with the best quality pool cover and winterizing accessories to help you keep the dirt and algae out of your pool. Our experts can help you find the winterizing products you need to suit your budget and help you have an easy winter and a more efficient opening in the spring. Open and close your pool with less stress and hassle by contacting us today!