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Will My Home Need an Electrical Service Upgrade for My Swimming Pool?

Will My Home Need an Electrical Service Upgrade for My Swimming Pool?

09,May 2018

Homeowners should know that getting a swimming pool installed may also mean some changes to their house. Sometimes, a pool’s electrical requirements could involve an electrical service upgrade that will provide your home (including the pool) with more power.

Why Do I Need an Electrical Upgrade for My Home If I’m Buying a Pool?

Most pools have an electrical sub-panel. This is where the breakers are located for the parts of the pool that use power: the underwater lights, electric heater, filter pump, and various other parts. The sub-panel receives its power from the main panel in your home – that is how it’s all connected.

It is important to determine if an electrical upgrade is needed, especially if it requires a significant financial investment that you weren’t expecting, right as you’re planning on buying and installing a pool. However, there are some things that you can do yourself first before calling in a professional.

How Can I Tell If An Upgrade Is Necessary?

Go to your main electrical panel and open the box. You’ll see circuit breakers or fuses. This is where you may see the spaces you have left for more electrical items. If you do notice there are free spaces on your box, Will My Home Need an Electrical Service Upgrade for My Swimming Pool?there’s a good chance that an electrician will be able to connect the pool’s sub-panel to your main panel.

If you don’t have any space open, then you may have to upgrade your main panel. (There are a few different ways that a professional may be able to rewire so that an upgrade isn’t needed, but it will depend on certain factors.) It’s not uncommon to renovate your panel at the same time your home is undergoing inside or outside improvements.

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