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Why People Consider Small Pools

30,Mar 2016

Considering a Small Pool?

If you’re thinking about purchasing a small in ground pool, you have plenty of options–probably many more than you expected. The small pool market has been booming lately, and you can choose exactly what you like that will fit both your budget and your lifestyle. Most small pools about 24 feet long and around 12 feet wide. With those kind of dimensions, these compact pools can fit just about anywhere.

Small In Ground Discount Pools That Fit In Your Yard

Homeowners who choose to have a small pool installed in their yard often tell us why they’re so happy with their choice. They talk about:

Small Pool Installation

  • Cost and Materials. A small pool will cost less, and that means that the cost to install it will also be less, since there will be less yard to grade, prepare, and dig. Swimming Pool Discounters sells small pools with aluminum panel combos and steel walls at deeply discounted prices.
  • Accessories and Maintenance. People also consider not only the cost of installing a pool, but the accessories and maintenance methods that are wanted or required. A smaller pool requires a smaller pool heater, smaller pool cover, fewer pool chemicals, and less water to fill the pool. Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot of your free time maintaining your pool, then a small pool is perfect, since it requires only about 30 minutes a week to keep your pool clean.
  • Property Dimensions. If your yard (or the level part of your yard) is small or narrow, and you’d still like to enjoy an in ground pool, you may want to pick a smaller pool. Many homeowners like to create a retreat in their backyard and build decking or an outdoor living area that features a small pool, even if they don’t have a large yard.
  • Shape Type. Many people who decide to purchase and install a small pool can make the shape work for their personal preferences or for their yard. Usually people pick a rectangle, circle, or oval, but free form sizes are popular too, and can fit around land features in your yard.
  • Features. Having a small pool doesn’t mean that you have to give up items like pool lighting for night swimming, steps, sunning shelves, and pool-side water features.

Swimming Pool Discounters Can Help You Choose

Whether you live in Pittsburgh or anywhere else in the United States, Swimming Pool Discounters can ship your small, in ground pool straight to you and have it installed in your yard. Call or contact us today to learn more about small pools.