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Opening Your Pool

When to Open Your Swimming Pool

26,May 2015

It’s Time to Open Your Pool!

Swimming pool season is quickly approaching, and you may be wondering when it is a good time to open your Pittsburgh swimming pool. The answer is, you probably should have already. Although summer is the main season for swimming, having your pool already set up for the season is most beneficial to get the greatest amount of use out of swimming on warmer days, as well as cut maintenance costs. Of course there is no need to open your pool when it is cold and frigid, but once temperatures are nearly a consistent 70 degrees Fahrenheit, opening your pool for the season earlier rather than later will yield great benefits all season long.

-Earlier Openings Mean Less Cleaning

When the temperature outside begins to heat up, algae begins to breed beneath mesh winter covers of swimming pools. And the longer you wait to open your pool after warmer days commence, the more algae that will breed for you to clean up. If you maintenance your pool and readying it for summer once summer is already here, it will be unnecessarily much more difficult to ready.

Opening Your Pool

-Less Cleaning Means Fewer Expenses

When you open your Pittsburgh swimming pool later in the season, after algae has built-up, you will have to put out more money for the expenses of extra chemicals and accessories needed for the additional cleaning. Yet, expenses are able to be narrowed down by maintaining your swimming pool differently as well. For instance, a salt water pool system that runs a 2-speed motor filter will cost a great deal less than chlorinated swimming pools.

-More Enjoyment for a Fulfilled Summer

From costs to maintenance there are plenty of good reasons to open your Pittsburgh swimming earlier in the season rather than later. But one of the best and most simple reasons to open your pool early is to get more swim time, fun time and more summer enjoyment overall.

With so many benefits to having your pool ready in spring for summer swimming, there is no better time than now to open your pool if you have not yet already. Contact us at Swimming Pool Discounters today for information on our swimming pool maintenance products and services. We will make sure that your Pittsburgh swimming pool is ready for a season of summer swimming fun, all season long.