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Pool Filter Sand

What You Need To Know About Pool Filter Sand

29,Dec 2016

Pool Filter Sand

Because sand filters are known for their ease of operation, they have become one of the most common pool filters used today. While they are common, they are not the easiest to replace.

It is recommended that you replace the sand in your sand filter every five to seven years. Over time, sand begins to wear out. The sharp edges of the old sand give way to a more rounded shape, which does not do anywhere near as good a job of catching the contaminates. In addition, residue from things like oil, dirt, algae and other materials create a buildup that is pushed into the sand over time.

Pool Filter Sand

Although the recommended time for replacing filter sand is 5 to seven years, on average, it is highly recommended that you change it upon noticing that your water quality is poor, or if you notice that dirt is coming through the filter. Neglecting to replace the sand in your filter will not only result in your water being more dirty and cloudy, it will cost you more in chemicals and your filter will need to run longer.

Use Only Quality Sand For Your Pool Filter

Using the wrong type of sand for your pool filter can lead to problems. Be sure to use pool filter sand only, play sand or masonry sand is not meant for pool filters, and will not work.

The key to pool filter sand is its sharp edges, which trap the debris and remove it from the pool’s water. Pool sand should be full of sharp edges, which work together to remove the debris. Quality sand is important for your filter, as it will give you the maximum amount of benefits. Saving a few bucks on cheaper pool filter sand is not the answer, as you will sacrifice both quality and cleanliness. The best sand for pool filters is #20 silica sand, which is specially graded silicone quartz that is .45 to .55m.

Adding Sand To Pool Filters

It is important to add the right amount of sand to your pool filter. Too little or too much will affect the way it filters debris from your pool. Use the amount recommended by the manufacturer on your filter. If you don’t have a spec sheet of your own, you can search on the manufacturer’s website.

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