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Closing Your Pool

Tips for Closing Your Pool

30,Nov 2016

Closing your Pool

The cold is upon us and it is time to close the pool. These are sad words for those of us at Swimming Pool Discounters. Nevertheless, it must be done. Because we want your pool to be in tiptop shape come summer (and it will come!), we complied these pool closing tips for all of our friends in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. If you take good care of your pool now, you will have many happy times waiting for you when you really need it!

First things first, BE PREPARED! Start winterizing your pool a week prior to closing your pool by adding a phosphate remover to help keep the algae out of the water. And, to make your spring opening even easier, brush and vacuum all that nasty dirt and debris from this long, hot summer out of your pool. This helps to prevent algae as well!

Closing Your Pool

You must manage your water level. The pros at Swimming Pool Discounters know that if you will be freezing the water in your pool, the level should be 4-6 inches below the skimmer (vinyl-lined pools) or the tile-line (plaster). In non-freezing pools, the water level should be right up to the top. Make sure you test your pool levels with a test kit, available at our local sites in the Pittsburgh area.

Don’t forget to shock and chlorinate your pool! Just another step in the fight against algae and that nasty bacteria that could be lingering in your pool from those lazy summer days. Make sure that you put some attention into your filter: allow the pump to run a full cycle prior to backwashing and chemically cleaning your filter.

It gets so cold in the Pittsburgh area so a excellent pool closing tip for our region is to add Antifreeze to the pools that are likely to freeze. This is added only to areas that will experience freezing temperatures, where pipes could possibly burst, helping to prevent this costly problem.

Don’t forget to add your air pillow, by inflating it with an air pump and placing it in the center of the pool. This will absorb the pressure of the freezing water off the pool walls and help prevent damage! This is another crucial piece to keeping your pool in great shape for next year. After this, add your safety cover, winter cover, or leaf net. Keep everyone safe with a pool cover!

Swimming Pool Discounters know how much you love your pool so please take these winter pool closing tips and use them to help increase the life of your pool, adding years of enjoyment for your family.