Swimming Pool Safety for the Winter

22,Mar 2022
In the winter months, your pool may not even cross your mind. With snow, ice, and freezing temperatures in Pittsburgh, swimming is not at the forefront of any of our minds. When it comes to owning a swimming pool, safety is a top priority, even in the winter months.

While more accidents happen around the pool in the summer, your pool can still present danger in the winter months. At Swimming Pool Discounters, we have put together some safety tips for your pool for the winter season.

How Can I Increase The Safety of My Pool?

Above Ground Pools
If you have a steel sided above ground pool, we recommend the following safety measures:
Remove or lock up the ladders that are connected to an attached pool deck.
  • Put away any items in the backyard that could be used as a step to enter the pool.
  • If you have a pool deck that is attached to your house, you should install a secondary safety fence to block access to the pool.
  • For above ground pools with a complete surrounding deck, be sure to install a safety cover.
Inground Pools
To prevent accidents around your inground pool, we recommend the following safety measures:
  • Keep all gates that are not used often locked.
  • Be sure to regularly check your fence and make any necessary repairs.
  • Use a pool alarm in conjunction with your solid winter cover and water bags to alert you to any water disturbances.
  • Install a safety cover if possible.
  • Make sure your solid pool cover is clean, pumped off, and over-weighted for maximum effectiveness.

Winter Safety Tips for Pittsburgh Pools

Even if your pool has been winterized, there are still risks and dangers to consider throughout the winter season. We recommend that you use a safety pool cover, either solid or mesh, for the best safety barrier. If you are using a floating solid pool cover, keep the following safety concerns and tips in mind:
Solid Pool Covers Require Regular Pumping
Since the solid covers do not allow water to pass through, they need to be pumped off regularly to remove the rain and melted snow. If they are not pumped off regularly, they can become dark, murky, and dangerous. If you have an automatic cover, solid cover, or a floating solid cover, we recommend that you invest in a quality pool cover pump to keep your cover clear.
Floating Pool Covers Can Be Hazardous to Children and Animals
It is also important to remember that even if you have a solid cover that is regularly cleaned, the floating solid covers pose a hazard to children and animals. If they were to fall in, the cover envelopes them and pulls any surface water towards them. The floating cover can become wrapped tightly around their legs and body, and struggling will only pull them down deeper.
Add Door Alarms
If your pool is located right out the rear doors of your home, we recommend that you install door alarms on your home’s back door. This will set off a loud alert if someone opens your back door. To use the door without the alarm, you can press the pass-thru button.
Install Fencing
A pool fence is the next level of protection and is the most effective way to keep children and animals out of the pool. Even if your backyard is already fenced in, you can add secondary fencing that separates your patio from the pool area for added protection.
Be sure to regularly check your fencing for any loose boards or other disrepair. If you have gates that aren’t padlocked, we recommend that you equip the gates so they are self-closing and self-latching.

Need Help Winterizing Your Pool? Swimming Pool Discounters Can Help!

With our expertise and quality selection of pool covers, we can help you prepare your pool for a safe winter season. Contact us today to learn more!