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New Swimming Pool Opening Supply Buyers Guide

09,Jul 2018

If this is the first year that you own a swimming pool, you’re probably excited and counting down the days until it is nice enough outside to open your pool. First, though, you should be sure that you have all of the supplies that are needed to safely open and use your new pool.

Your pool requires several must-have items, and our buyers’ guide has all the details.

Swimming Pool Discounters Buyers’ Guide

Getting started

·        Pump and filter. If you didn’t buy a pump and filter when you purchased your pool, then it’s time to get this equipment. A pool pump and filter will clean the water, and it usually takes about 7-8 hours for all of the water in the pool to run through the filter once. The type of pump you get depends on a few things: the size of the pool, how much water it holds, and what you’d like the flow rate to be. The pump is a very important piece of equipment for your pool, so you should talk to an expert at Swimming Pool Discounters to be sure to purchase the correct one.

·        Brush and vacuum. Once your swimming pool has been open for a season and has then gone through fall, winter, and spring, you’re going to need to scrub out the debris and dirt that is left sticking to the sides of your pool. Starting with a clean pool means that it will take less time to get the water to the right level of clean.

·        Pool cover. You may notice that some friends and neighbors don’t use a pool cover, but a cover is important for the health and maintenance of your pool during the season. It keeps debris and animals from entering the pool, makes it easier for the pump and filter to do their work, and helps reduce wear and tear.  (Don’t forget – you’ll need a winter cover, too, once you close your pool.) This is an expense for your pool that’s well worth it.

Time for Water

If your pool is brand new, then it’s time to fill it with water. Once this is done, you can adjust the water by adding chlorine so that it has the proper chemical balance. Buy a kit, which will contain algaecide, pill treatments, shock, and testing strips. You’ll use the strips to test for calcium, alkalinity, and pH. Chemicals will be added to the water, and once it’s at the proper levels, you can shock the water. Then, add algaecide and the pills. Continue to use the testing strips until the water is at the levels suggested in the kit. Remember, you’ll have to test your water every day to ensure that it’s safe.

Get Your Swimming Pool Supplies Now

If you would like to open your pool around Memorial Day, then it’s time to start planning. Swimming Pool Discounters supplies all of the equipment needed to keep your pool clean, safe, and ready for outdoor fun. Call or stop by one of our three Pittsburgh-area stores to pick up your pool items and to ask questions of our experienced staff.