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How deep are above ground swimming pools?

14,Aug 2020
Many people may find it interesting to learn that not all above ground pools are the same depth. When purchasing an above ground pool, there are a few things you need to consider to get the depth you want.

Above Ground Pool Wall Height

Above ground pools are commonly offered in three different wall heights, including 48”, 52”, and 54.” The taller your pool’s wall height, the deeper your water can be. Now, keep in mind, if you purchase an above ground pool with a 52” wall, you won’t have 52” of water to swim in.
This because when you build the base of your pool, you typically have a 2” pool bottom as well as 6” from the top of the pool wall where your waterline will be. Above ground pools should not be filled all the wat to the tops of the walls. This gives you a pool that is typically 8” inches shallower than the wall height overall.
Taller pool walls provide additional privacy, but in some cases, swimmers prefer to fill the pool up more to have more underwater space. Some newer above ground pool have a skimmer cut out and centered at 6” below the top of the wall. This allows for maximum depth because you can increase the water by filling the pool about 1-3” higher than the skimmer’s fill line.

Flat Bottom Pool Options

For those who want a standard flat bottom pool, you will have a variety of liner options such as j-hook, beaded, and overlap liners. Some of these liner options can help make your above ground pool deeper. Standard overlap liners can accommodate a slightly deeper end in the above ground pool. With overlapping material and the elasticity of vinyl, a pool’s depth can be increased roughly 5”-10” in a slightly sloped deeper area. Customers can also install these liners to help make their entire pool a few inches deeper. This option provides you with a large variety of liner patterns as well as a true 4’ water depth.
If you are looking for more depth, a 6’ foot deep overlap style liner can help! This liner has a long wall section that is able to extend into a deeper well. Wrinkles tend to be produced during the final installation of these types of liners, which is mainly just an aesthetic issue, but they should be smoothed down to the best of your ability to ensure effective vacuuming.

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