Choosing A Winter Pool Cover For Your Above Ground Pool

22,Sep 2022

With winter right around the corner in Pittsburgh, it’s time to start preparing to close and winterize your above ground pool. One of the biggest things you will need is a proper winter pool cover.

To help you choose the right cover, Swimming Pool Discounters has created a pool cover guide! Follow these tips for finding the perfect winter cover.

Types of Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

Above ground, winter pool covers are designed to protect your pool throughout the off-season. When you live in Pittsburgh, you experience snow, ice, and freezing temperatures throughout the winter, so you want to ensure that your pool is properly winterized. Part of winterizing your pool is getting a durable, high-quality pool cover.

A proper pool cover can help prevent opening your pool in the summer to debris, slime, algae, and other unsightly problems. With the proper fit, a pool cover can make a major difference when it comes time to open the pool.

Safety Pool Cover

In addition to winterizing your pool, it is also important to make sure it is safe for your children and pets. With a safety pool cover, you can prevent drowning accidents.

These are high-quality covers that are more heavy-duty than common mesh or solid woven pool covers. A safety cover is designed to prevent debris from entering the pool while also providing security.

Since they are of higher quality, safety covers tend to be more expensive than mesh or solid woven pool covers. However, they are worth the extra cost for safety and winterization.

Solid Woven Winter Pool Cover

This is the most common type of pool cover you will find most pool owners using. A solid woven winter cover has a coating on both sides to make it watertight while also preventing runoff water and debris from getting into your pool.

With a woven pool cover, you also get the benefit of UV protection which helps prevent algae from growing by preserving the chlorine.

Mesh Pool Cover

If you’d rather not have water pooling on top of your cover, then you will likely want a mesh pool cover. This will allow water to pass through the cover while preventing debris from entering the pool. Since water passes through the cover, there is no strain on the cover, which makes them a durable option.

One issue to keep in mind is that mesh covers can allow very fine dirt or silt to get through. Fine dirt can be easily removed from the pool by vacuuming.

Need Help Choosing a Pool Cover? We Can Help!

At Swimming Pool Discounters, we can help you choose the best winter pool cover for your above ground pool. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of above ground pool covers for winter.