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Advantages of Slimline No-Braced Oval Pools

13,May 2016

Slimline No-Braced Oval Pools

You’d love to put an above ground pool in your yard, but you’re not sure if there’s enough room. That’s a common concern among homeowners who have limited space. Many above ground pools have what are called A-braces, which help to support the sides. These braces stick out around the whole perimeter of the pool, causing the entire structure to be about 30% larger than the actual size of the pool.

Not everyone has that extra space for a pool with buttresses, but their budget is right for an oval-shaped above ground pool. Some people simply choose a smaller size than what they wanted. However, there’s a better solution: the sturdy, no-brace slimline pool, which can easily fit into tight spots in your yard, and whose support comes from bracing at the bottom.

Slimline Pools Are Space-Savers

Oval above-ground pools have many advantages. They are:

  • Made from Affordable Materials. No matter what your budget is, you can pick from either steel or aluminum. The warranty for a steel wall slimline pool is 25 years/3 years full, and the frame and wall warranty on an aluminum wall slimline pool is 50 years/3 years at 100 percent.
  • A Great Size for Family Fun. A 52-inch deep oval pool is usually anywhere from 12×18 ft. to 18×45 ft. around, depending on the material. Not only can you fit a family in these pools—you can have a pool party! They are also made right in the USA.
  • Attractively Designed. Instead of a pool with braces sticking out of the sides, tripping both kids and adults walking by, no-brace slimline oval pools just has gussets that stick out ever so slightly on the straight side of the pool. Unlike the braced style, instead of taking up 3-4 feet on each side, the swimming pool gussets only need about one foot on each side of the pool.

Swimming Pools Discounters carries no-brace slimline pools in different sizes. There’s one that will fit your yard, no matter your space limitations. Stop in one of our three Pittsburgh area locations today to learn more, and enjoy a summer of swimming.