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Keep the Electrician at Bay with Hudson Bay Spas

05,May 2017

If you are currently looking to purchase a new hot tub, or your old one is in need of replacing, Hudson Bay Spas has a solution that is both economical as well as energy-efficient. Hudson Bay Spas are designed to offer both the power and the performance of a 220v spa, and the convenience and reduced operating costs of plug-in spas. The key benefit of a Hudson Bay Spa is that you can acquire a quality hot tub at a fraction of the cost without having to sacrifice any of the amenities you desire.

A key cost of owning a hot tub is the installation. A standard hot tub requires a 220v electrical hookup, which requires a separate line all its own. This can add a significant cost to the installation of a new hot tub, particularly in homes whose current electrical circuit is not properly equipped to accommodate the additional line.

Hudson Bay Spas run on 110v, so there is no need for a new line. This provides not only considerable savings in installation, but on energy costs to run the hot tub as well. With a Hudson Bay Spa, there is no need to sacrifice any of the amenities that are so popular with today’s hot tubs. There are a number of models to choose from, with a variety of features such as therapy jets, backlit waterfalls, and lighting choices.

It is important to consider a hot tub’s energy efficiency when calculating the costs to run it. In addition to the additional wiring and electrician’s fees, many top manufacturer’s spas are not energy-efficient, which can result in considerable energy costs, particularly when used on a regular basis. Hudson Bay Spas incorporate integrated, heat energy saving technologies, which help to eliminate some of the needless costs associated with owning a hot tub. All Hudson Bay Spas are certified by the concerned energy efficiency certifying agencies, ensuring that you are getting the best value for your money.

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