Artic Armor Bronze Winter Covers from $29.99


Our Artic Armor Bronze  cover has the strength and durability of covers costing twice as much. Rugged polyethylene scrim and coating means this cover can withstand winter's worst. Arctic Armor covers are U.V. protected so they will last for years in direct sunlight.

This is cover's black underside retards algae growth and heat sealed seams means a crystal clear pool next spring. The big 3 foot overlap ensures a proper fit and helps the cover from stretching and ripping.

The Bronze cover is held secure on your pool with a heavy duty vinyl coated cable and tightener that is anchored by rip proof metal grommets. This cover is backed by a 8 year warranty (1 year full rated) and is navy blue with a black underside.



This is a simple solution to wind getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear. Winter Cover Seal is a unique blend of tought poly blend film that wraps around your pool to seal out winter gust.

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Order NumberPool SizeCover SizePrice
SPD-12-BRONZE12 Ft Round15 Ft Round$ 29.99
SPD-15-BRONZE15 Ft Round18 Ft Round$ 34.99
SPD-18-BRONZE18 Ft Round21 Ft Round$ 39.99
SPD-21-BRONZE21 Ft Round24Ft Round$ 44.99
SPD-24-BRONZE24 Ft Round27 Ft Round$ 49.99
SPD-27-BRONZE27 Ft Round30 Ft Round$ 59.99
SPD-30-BRONZE30 Ft Round33 Ft Round$ 69.99
SPD-33-BRONZE33 Ft Round37 Ft Round$ 79.99
SPD-812-BRONZE8' X 12' Oval11' X 15' Oval$ 34.99
SPD-1015-BRONZE10' X 15' Oval13' X 18' Oval$ 39.99
SPD-1218-BRONZE12' X 18' Oval15' X 21' Oval$ 44.99
SPD-1224-BRONZE12' X 24' Oval15' X 27' Oval$ 49.99
SPD-1521-BRONZE15' X 21' Oval18' X 24' Oval$ 54.99
SPD-1525-BRONZE15' X 25' Oval19' X 28' Oval$ 57.99
SPD-1530-BRONZE15' X 30' Oval19' X 34' Oval$ 59.99
SPD-1632-BRONZE16' X 32' Oval19' X 35' Oval$ 67.99
SPD-1833-BRONZE18' X 33' Oval21' X 36' Oval$ 69.99
SPD-RECT-1220-BRONZE12' X 20' Rect (needs 10 waterbags)15' X 23' Rect$ 39.99
SPD-RECT-1224-BRONZE12' X 24' Rect (needs 10 water bags)15' X 27' Rect$ 49.99
SPD-RECT-1624-BRONZE16' X 24' Rect (needs 12 waterbags)19' X 27' Rect$ 54.99
SPD-RECT-1632-BRONZE16' X 32' Rect (needs 12 waterbags)19' X 35' Rect$ 59.99
SPD-RECT-1836-BRONZE18' X 36' Rect (needs 16 waterbags)21' X 39' Rect$ 69.99
SPD-RECT-2040-BRONZE20' X 40' Rect (needs 16 waterbags)23 X 43' Rect$ 79.99
SPD-RECT-2044-BRONZE20' X 44' Rect (needs 16 waterbags)23' X 47' Rect$ 99.99
SPD-RECT-2545-BRONZE25' X 45' Rect (needs 20 waterbags)28' X 48' Rect$109.99
SPD-RECT-3050-BRONZE30' X 50' Rect (needs 20 waterbags)33' X 53' Rect$139.99
Artic Armor 8 Year CoverWINTER COVER SAVER POOL ONLY blue


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