PVC Above-Ground Pool Fencing


This solid 24" fencing helps to safely keep unwanted intruders out of the pool and keep toys and water games in. The rigid vinyl construction is maintenance-free U.V. protected, and can be mounted on any above-ground pool.

Fence systems are white in color and are supplied with a blow molded mounting bracket and hardware.

All pool fencing is manufactured with at least 65% of the fencing remaining open area to allow for clear visibility of the pool swimming area and those swimming within ~ this is important for safety. All fence sections measure 64-1/2" in length and can be cut to fit specific pool requirements (varying between pools).

All pool fencing models are mounted directly to the vertical upright posts of the pool using two special self-tapping stainless screws. All models and heights of fencing utilize a molded mounting bracket. The brackets attach to the pool uprights and the fence posts mount into the brackets.

Stainless hardware is used throughout the fence. The mounting brackets are made of vinyl with reinforcing ribs for greater strength. Premium fence kit models include injection molded telescoping mounting brackets that allow the fence to fit better on most pools. The brackets are supplied for flush mount but can be trimmed to accommodate round face uprights or uprights with a center rib

To estimate which kit you will need to enclose your pool you will need to count the "fence sections." One fence section equals the amount of fencing used to span between two pool uprights. Simply count the number of fence sections your pool requires. All fencing, fence post, and hardware are included.

Pool SIzeBase Kit A NeededAdd on Kit B NeededAdd on Kit C NeededNormal Number of UprightsTotal Cost of Kits
12 Ft Round100 8 Upgrights$159.99
15 Ft Round10110 Uprights$219.98
18ft Round
0212 Uprights$279.97
21ft Round12014 Uprights$299.97
24ft Round12116 Uprights$359.96
27ft Round12218 Uprights$419.95
30 Ft Round14020 Uprights$439.95
33 Ft Round14122 Uprights$659.99
8 'X 12' Oval10212 Uprights$279.97
10' X 15' Oval12014 Uprights$299.97
12' X 18' Oval12014 Uprights$299.97
12' X 24' Oval12116 Uprights$359.96
15' X 21' Oval12116 Uprights$359.96
15' X 24' Oval12116 Uprights$359.96
15' X 30' Oval12218 Uprights$419.95
18' X 24' Oval12218 Uprights$419.95
18' X 33' Oval14020 Uprights$439.95
18' X 45' Oval16026 Uprights$579.93
Base Kit (A)8 Sections Order # A24E8-WPrice Each Kit>$159.99
Kit (B)3 Sections Order # A24E3-WPrice Each Kit>$ 69.99
Kit (C)2 Sections Order # A24E2-WPrice Each Kit>$ 59.99

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