Hurricane-D Energy Conservaton E CPU from $369.99


Our New, energy efficient Hurricane-D™ above ground pool pump chooses the proper pump speed that best fits the job with its E-CPU processor for great energy savings.

Slower flowing water means less friction in your filter and plumbing system, and thus less energy usage, the processor will set the pump to low speed for everyday operation.

When more power is needed to vacuum the pool or run other accessories, the  pumps E-CPU processor with increase the power needed!

This pump has all the top technology features as no other pump! Pre-Bonded HLT patent   pending,  Dual-Port Discharge™ patent pending , Energy Conservation Processor Unit patent pending. Auto e-CPU™ Two Speed Motors with Built-In Controller with give you Automatic Energy Conservation.


The processor will determine your pool motor speed to SAVE YOU ELECTRIC EVERY DAY OF USE! !Pump comes with standard plug in cord. 110Vt. This pump will just pay for itself over and over in ENERGY SAVINGS!


If you need or your electrical  inspector tell you that the pump needs a twist lock plug, we will covert your pump (before shipment) to twist lock. Since our pool pumps goes to many different jurisdictions and not all places have the same requirements, you need to find out what you need.

Call your local building inspectors office and they will let you know what your code is for your local area! $25.00 Conversion fee per pump.





Model NumberItem DescriptionSizeSALE PRICELabor Day Sale Price
AC-750Compact Pump Vertical DIscharge3/4 HP$149.99$74.99
347985Pentair Optiflo Vertical Discharge1.0 HP$249.99$149.99
347982Pentair Optiflo Horizontal Discharge1.0 HP$249.99$149.99
347983Pentair Optiflo Horizontal Discharge1.5 HP$269.99$169.99
347986Pentair Optiflo Vertical Discharge1.5 HP$269.99$169.99
MX110VNSVSMaxi Pump Vertical Discharge1.0 HP$219.99$119.99
MX110HNSBSMaxi Pump Horizontal Discharge1.0 HP $229.99$129.99
MX115VNSVSMaxi Pump Vertical Discharge1.5 HP$249.99$149.99
MX115HNSVSMaxi Pump Horizontal Discharge1.5 HP$259.99$159.99
NW115DBSGGBlue Torrent HURRICANE-D Bondmaster1.5 HP$299.99$199.99
JH115DNSGQBlue Torrent HURRICANE DUAL Discharge/ ON OFF Switch1.5 HP$319.99$219.99
NWC150BSGGBlue Torrent HURRICANE-D E-CPU1.5 HP$369.99$269.99

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